Your Stainless Steel Cookware Questions Answered

Posted on Sat, Apr 12, 2014


Generally speaking, the 360 Cookware brand is relatively young — that is, compared to many other stainless steel cookware brands. This industry is a vast market with options that appeal to most every demographic. Brands are competing to develop new technology, different features and/or benefits, and celebrity endorsements are always popular. As one of the new kids on the block, 360 receives many questions about the products and the claims made about the unique cooking technique. Here are the answers to the three most popular questions.

What makes 360 Cookware different?

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Breakfast is the New Comfort Food

Posted on Thu, Feb 27, 2014

comfort_foodWhen most people think of comfort food, southern staples like macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings or even desserts like cheesecake or cherry pie come to mind. It's a little baffling because, nothing brings more comfort than the smell of bacon while walking around the house in fuzzy slippers. There's contentment in a Sunday morning dining experience where the attire is flannel pajamas. An intimate familiarity in breaking the fast with those you kissed goodnight the night before. 

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360 Cookware: A Truly Green Cookware ... and Here's Why

Posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2014

GreenThere are several cookware products making the "green" claim. 360 Cookware is a TRUE eco friendly cookware - lessening the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process and for individual families using our products. The following article is a transcript from Green Talk Radio hosted by Antoinette Nue. She speaks with Americraft's VP of Operations, Craig Weinand. Craig shares how Americraft produces green cookware using a sustainable manufacturing process. He also points out how the effect is further reached in the homes of consumers. Click here to listen to the original broadcast.

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A Novice's Advice for Cleaning Stainless Steel Cookware

Posted on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

beading_waterI cook so that my family and I can continue to live. That's the only purpose. As it stands, I don't cook for enjoyment. I don't cook to relax - in fact, it's quite the opposite. I consider it a blessing to have had a long-standing career with a company where I've learned a lot about cooking — to the extent that sometimes it's actually fun! If you're like me, you may have entered into the New Year with a set of goals, resolves if you will. Mine are planted deep in my desire to improve my health through diet and nutrition. After 13 years in this industry, I'm practicing what I preach, uh, market.

I'm pleased to let you know that my first week was phenomenal! Not one cheat or backslide. In fact, the only beverage I drank all week was water and that wasn't even one of my goals! So, as my grandmother used to say, I guess I was "feeling myself" when I decided to wing it on Wednesday night. I was alone. I had no one to feed but myself and to be honest I was worried. The old Jamie would have pulled into a drive-thru without a second guess but I was doing SO GOOD that I wanted to keep it up. I had worked a little late that night, making fast food look even more appealing. I didn't have anything at the house that would accommodate a single portion, which means if I was going to cook, I needed to stop at the grocery store. Can I just say how much I LOATHE the grocery store? It's rooted deep in my upbringing and I still blame my mother but that's another story.

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The Dollar-Tail

Posted on Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Guest post from Bryan Hurley, owner of Americraft Cookware

discount_storesIt was sometime in the late 90’s that I recall having a conversation with a biology major about cattails. While I’m sure I probably went to a bar named Cat-Tails during the same era, the cattails I’m referring to are those long, slender, green, aquatic weeds that seem to be the prevalent species in lakes and swamps. The scientific name for these lean greens is Typha. As I recall, a group of us were standing around a lake and I mentioned that despite all the talk about the bad health conditions of the local environment, at least the cattails are growing well and that must be a good sign, right? Wrong. My biology buddy informed me that cattails in any body of water can be ok, to an extent, but they can also represent that the end is near.

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How Does 360 Cookware Save Energy?

Posted on Fri, Oct 25, 2013

convectiondiagramGreat question! 

We make a lot of claims about 360 Cookware but unlike many of our competitors, we will happily justify our statements and let you know why we say what we do. Our example this week is "360 Cookware saves energy."

Our stainless steel cookware saves consumers more than just energy. Using 360 Cookware will save you time, money and it will lessen your carbon footprint. However, this article is going to concentrate on energy savings and how using 360 can make a difference. 

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How NOT to Overcook Your Meat

Posted on Fri, Oct 18, 2013

360 cookware saute panThere are several benefits to cooking using the Vapor® Cooking Method. One of which is the succulence achieved when cooking your favorite meats. Meats are tender, juicy and absolutely delicious. Once you've tasted the difference, it's hard to return to the traditional way.

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The Science Behind The Best Cookware

Posted on Fri, Oct 11, 2013

Spoil alert: This article is going to discuss the science behind 360 Cookware — construction, heat conductivity, metal, thickness, etc. If you enjoy the more warm-and-fuzzy type articles, this may not satisfy your needs. However, for all you food/cooking geeks out there (term of endearment), this is going to make you very happy.

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Waterless Cookware - The Best Cookware

Posted on Tue, Oct 01, 2013

Waterless Cookware from 360 CookwareMaintaining your active, healthy lifestyle isn’t always a breeze. It’s more than just skipping the junk food and taking the stairs; it takes commitment, and requires a conscience daily effort to eat right, which can be extremely difficult given the bazillion things you have to do every day. Moreover, the meals you prepare for your family aren’t just about providing basic sustenance, you want the most important people in your life to have the best tasting, most nutritious food you can create, which is why professional and home chefs everywhere choose waterless cookware.

Although you may have heard the term, most people are unfamiliar with waterless cookware, and its revolutionary concept for range top cooking that makes it the best cookware for preparing every day meals or any delicate culinary masterpiece. Due to its superior construction, innovative cooking method, and unparalleled quality, waterless cookware offers a lifetime of cooking excellence, but equally fantastic is the fact that it simplifies ways to remove fat and increase the nutritional content of your meals.

Superior Steel Construction

Waterless cookware, like your 360 Cookware pots and pans, are formed using insulated layers of surgical grade stainless steel to create a cooking environment that distributes the heat evenly to every surface of the pan. These products are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, so the polishing and finishing processes follow a specific set of precision guidelines, and then each item is individually completed by hand to ensure absolute perfection.

Furthermore, the high quality materials used in the construction of waterless cookware retains constant, even heat for more controlled cooking, without hot or cold spots, and no sticking, allowing you to cook foods at lower temperatures in less time, reducing your daily energy use.

An Innovation in Food Preparation

Because of its superior design, waterless cookware allows you to prepare foods without grease or added fats, and actually creates a concentrated cooking environment that allows you to bake right on your stove top. When applied to low or moderate heat, the advanced technology used to create waterless cookware generates a unique vapor seal around the lid using the natural moisture already present in most foods.

This means that it isn’t necessary to boil away the nutrients in vegetables by cooking them in water, or bake out all the succulent juiciness of lean meats in your oven. In addition, the vapor seal redirects the food’s moisture back into the dish, so meals turn out not only splendidly cooked, but actually more flavorful and nutritious.

Healthier Cooking

With waterless cookware, you can prepare meals using little to no additional fat, making it easy to maintain your healthy eating lifestyle. Fresh or frozen vegetables don’t decrease in nutritional value when cooked with vapor technology, and because of the convection-like properties of waterless cookware dishes remain savory from the intensified flavors without additional salt.

Waterless cookware is the best cookware you can buy for many reasons, and its price reflects that fact. But just because you may not be able to replace every piece in your kitchen tomorrow doesn’t have to stop you from becoming one of the millions who enjoy tastier, more nutritious meals every day through vapor technology. Start slow and build your collection, let your friends and family know about your wish list for birthdays, or create a gift registry for upcoming events. However you begin, your waterless cookware will quickly become your favorite cooking tool.
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Cooking for a Large Family

Posted on Fri, Sep 27, 2013

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